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The exercise was to write a verse with unusual rhymes. Luke took this much further, and could possibly be the first person to rhyme "cashew" and "bash you".

a poem about peanuts taking over the world

by Luke, aged 9

There once was a peanut that ate a cake
The peanut's name was mischievous Jake
Jake went to hire a cunning cashew
He said "Do well, or else I'll bash you"

"OK, alright, now look here"
"Take over the world 'n' I'll give you a beer"
The cashew went to kill the world
And out of the window mad Jake swirled

"Now" said the cashew "I'll get a bomb"
"First I'll blow up a man called Tom"

Tom was asleep in his bed
His swollen nose was big and red
The cashew stuck the bomb up the nose
Then it exploded like the spray from a hose

"Now, aha, think of this"
"Blow up the world in one big CABLISS"

He gathered together lots of nuts
Brazils and almonds smoking cigarette butts
He told them to get bombs and grenades
Anything that went pop, like lemonades

They put them all in one big pile
The cashew thought "This might take a while"
When the pile blew up with a NUMAGABOO!
They all found out they'd blown up too

by Luke, aged 9

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