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Amy's hyperbolic story.


by Amy, aged 8, Annandale North PS

I was riding my bike so fast at the park that it started to fly. Then, I bashed into a tree as big as a 50 story high building as I was flying past.

Suddenly a bump as big as a dinner bowl appeared on my forehead, and I fell to the ground since it was so heavy. It hurt so much, like a brick that weighed a ton had bashed into my forehead.

Then an ambulance saw me, but the only trouble was that the actual ambulance itself was as small as an ant. Then 3 little people came out of the ambulance (probably doctors) and lifted me onto a bed that was smaller than a speck of dust.

I then squashed the ambulance (by accident of course) but, before I did so, a worker from the tiny ambulance said to me"you are going to die." I almost killed myself trying to think about what he/she meant.

Then, from behind me I heard a crashing sound. I turned around and saw a boulder as big as a house following me. I ran down a road as long as a world cup soccer field. I was almost at the finish but the boulder squashed me flat as a pancake.

The End

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