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Saskia invented many new animals and wrote story about them.

The Butter-fish

by Saskia, aged 7, Annandale North PS

Once upon a time there was a butter-fish called Squishy. He was very rare and quite strange. He fluttered round everywhere and he liked water too. He was strange because he loved to look at the sun and it didn't hurt his eyes.

One day he met a cat-dog who wanted to chase Squishy. Squishy was afraid of the cat-dog. He fluttered and fluttered as fast as he could until he came out of the forest and bumped into a do-lady called Doe-Doe. Doe-Doe was a shy and friendly creature.

The cat-dog was coming straight for them.

"Hide!" said Doe-Doe. So they hid in the best hiding spot they could find. The best hiding spot they could find was ……. a bush, but Squishy's wings did not fit.

"How are we going to hide now?" asked Doe-Doe.

"Maybe I'll just have to keep them really, really still." said Squish.

"It had better work" said Doe-Doe "because the cat-dog is coming right now."

"Sssshhhhh" said Squishy to Doe-Doe "the cat-dog is coming."

"But my wing is itchy and when my wing gets itchy I start to sneeze" ….. aaaaggggghhhhhh chooo!

"Oh no" said Doe-Doe "here comes the cat-dog. Shhhh!!"

The cat-dog could smell Doe-Doe and Squishy.

"I can smell something to play with" said cat-dog. Then he went to the bush that Squishy and Doe-Doe were hiding in. The cat-dog looked at it carefully and then slowly walked around it twice. Then the cat-dog stuck its head in the bush and went "Boo!"

The cat-dog scared Doe-Doe and Squishy. They ran, I mean, Doe-Doe and Squish fluttered and fluttered as fast as they could through the meadow and bumped into a sign that said "Go South to see Mr Butter's Hotel". They fluttered slowly southward because they were very, very tired from running away from the cat-dog and into the meadow.

Soon enough they were there. It looked very nice on the outside but was even better on the inside. They met Mr Butter and he showed them to their rooms. After they checked they went straight to their beds and fell asleep and woke up in the morning. They made their beds and went downstairs for breakfast at the Breakfast Restaurant. Well that's what Mr Butter called it. They both had a lovely breakfast.

After that they set off north to see if the cat-dog would make friends with Squishy and Doe-Doe. Soon enough they saw the cat-dog chasing butterflies around. They went over to the cat-dog and Squishy said "Please can you be our friend?" "Well" said the cat-dog "I'll be your friend if you can be friends with all my other friends."

"OK" said Doe-Doe, "what are their names?"

"Well one is called Fid and he's a dog-fish.Oh and we can't forget Pitty he's a pit-tor, oh, and Ell-san she is an ella-snake, oh and that is it, so we will live together and live happily ever after."

And that is the end of the story!

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