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yes, we really do write pages and pages in these writing workshops.

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Welcome to CapeWriting, creative writing by children from The Writing Workshop. This section of the website is dedicated to your writing.

If you're participating in a creative writing program run by The Writing Workshop, please send your work to Bernard to bernard@writingworkshop.com.au.nospam (first remove .nospam).

Click below to read writing by participants.

The Mudhead Story
Letter animals
The Fairy Wonderland and the Monsters
My Mum likes these by Lyla, aged 5
Silly poem
The Magic Tree
The day, the night by Daisy

Croydon Park Public School
No driving by KT

Years 1/2
The witch by Hatty
Filatis's birthday by Lauren
Dungeon Adventure by Lauren
Fishtibir Story by Siena, aged 6
The Butter-fish by Saskia, aged 7
The Pirate Ship by Pola, aged 7
The story of Goldilocks by Isabella, aged 6

Group poems
Click here for a page of group-devised poetry

Year 3
TV addicts (comic strip) by Sophie, aged 8
Postcard to Marie by Ivy, aged 8
Ebony the Cat by Luke, aged 8
Awake Ugly by Sophie, aged 8
My day in sounds
Go to Space by Ivy, aged 8
The Sock (a senryu) by Sarah, aged 8
One-star Hotel by Sophie, aged 8
Mozzie couplet by Ana, aged 8
The Case of Princess Pearl's Necklace by Pola, aged 8
Bike by Amy, aged 8

Year 4
Two poems by Lily, Aged 9
Postcard by Nicholas, aged 9
Postcard by Rosy, aged 9
You are educated now by Holly, aged 9
BANG!!! by Luke, aged 9

Year 5
Melting by Nell, aged 10


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