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Dungeon Adventure

by Lauren, aged 8

I'm sitting in a dungeon in a castle with a metal table with very sharp points on the sides of it. Also the chairs are covered in spikes. I'm in here because I did something wrong in the castle but I don't know what. Well I have to go to bed on a bed of spikes. Freaky, hey? I know it is. When I wake up I find myself in the clouds. I don't know how I got there. Then I see some weird shapes wafting towards me. I think for a minute then I see that they are men. The men come and make me fall asleep. Whiie I was sleeping they infected my foot. When I woke up I found myself as a cloud person. I had to work for them and infect more humans. They all turned into monsters. I think it was because I used the wrong infection juice.

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