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by Luke, aged 8

Ebony is a sleek black cat. Every day Ebony packs up her briefcase and walks to 9486 Ridik Boulevard, Whisken. She walks into her office, sits bolt upright in her chair and waits for a phone call. It is her job to wait for phone calls from cats with troubles. Ebony fixes their troubles.

Soon the phone, made out of fish skeleton, gives a sharp jerk. Ebony picks up the phone and listens. "Hello" says a voice at the other end of the phone. "I'm a ginger tabby and I live in a grotto at the bottom of the hill in Padroat. At the bottom of the hill there is a river that is flooding my home. What shall I do?"

Ebony uses the mouse from the computer and goes to Google. She clicks on images and types in MAPS OF PADROAT. She clicks on SEARCH and 44 pages of maps appear. Ebony goes straight to page 22 image 5. She studies the map and says expertly to the tabby, "There is a house on the top of your hill which has a mouse problem. If you go to that house and meow your sweetest meow, I think the house owners will adopt you. You could eat all the mice and you will have a great time."

"Thank you!" says the Tabby, "I'm sure that will work".
Ebony always feels great when she solves a cat's troubles. Cats are part of her family and she loves them. She thinks to herself: A good job well done.

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