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You are educated now

by Holly, aged 9

Chapter 1

Hello! My name is Turnil Turnip. It is my 160th birthday today and it
is the year 3865. Guess what I got for my birthday this year? Fifty
diamonds, which as you know is the currency.
I wondered what was the answer to the maths question 80521618 divided
by 805, so i went on my instant education computer. instead of the words
"You are educated now", new words flashed that said "Time traveller
"Huh?" I said.
Suddenly it said, "Where do you want to go?"
"What?" I said. Hmmmm, I'll just type in a random number. I thought
"I'll do 2006," and I typed that in.
Suddenly my head was spinning and I suddenly saw flashes of things that
had already happened.Suddenly I was standing in a weird place. In fact it
looked exactly like a picture from the year 2006.And then, I saw something
even more astounding. I was in .....! No! How could I
possibly be in a school? Schools are extinct. Now we have instant education
computers! Unless.....unless.....they didn't have computers that instantly
educated. Unless I'd gone back in time.........

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