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Today we wrote a scary story using many descriptive words.

The Fairy Wonderland and the Monsters

by Freya, Lyla, Greta, Daisy and Georgia, all aged 5

Once there was a beautiful country full of fairies. Three fairies called Rosie and Rosalie and Jessica lived in houses that were stuck together. One house was blue. One house was pink. And one house was green.

One day there was a monster like a frill-necked lizard with a long neck and a head like the moon and red, boiling eyes. There was another monster with two humps on its head and big sharp teeth.

The monsters followed a long wiggly path for eight hours until they got to Fairyland.

The fairies were in their houses.

The monsters knocked on the front door.

The fairies went out the back door, jumped over the fence and hid. They were terrified.

The monsters tried to find them. They went out the back door. They jumped over the fence. They looked behind a garbage bin but the fairies weren't there. They looked behind a rock but the fairies weren't there. They looked behind a tree and they found the fairies.

The fairies were scared.

The monster with sharp teeth and humps on its head said, “I want to be your friend.”

The other monster said, “We're nice monsters.”

The fairies felt a bit happier.

“Thank you for being our friends,” they said.


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