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Filatis's birthday

by Lauren, aged 8

On Filatis's birthday, Filatis likes to have a feast of dead rabbits and live elves. She also flies about looking for small children that are about to go to bed early, for Santa. She flies down the chimney. Then into their room. When they've gone to bed, she sneaks up and then she kills them. After she kills them she takes them to 17 _____ St (my Street, yikes!) to eat for her feast. Then she goes back out to go and try to catch Santa and his reindeer but she never catches them so she goes back home to eat her feast of dead rabbits, live elves and freshly killed raw children. Once she has done this she goes to houses, flies down the chimney of through the window, waits till morning. When it's morning she puts on a disguise that covers everything and makes her wings look like angel wings. When the humans come down for breakfast she says, "I am an angel from heaven." When they've sat down for breakfast she throws off her disguise and eats them.

Filatis description

Black hair
Brown eyes turn red
1 metre tall
three spikes on back
top canines very sharp and big
Dry cleaner-usually absent, fired yesterday
Birthday 24 December

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