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The Writing Workshop's Bernard Cohen ran a series of five weekly workshops
for selected groups from Glebe Public School.


The Old Submarine

by Konan, Year 6

Powerfully brown and strong as gold,
No-one could understand that it was so old.
70 years behind it and still going strong,
With a strong engine and so very long.
Its graceful speed and elegant frame,
Allows it to move with obvious fame.
And when it moves through the water with velvet speed,
All the animals take heed.
It's presence is ominous to the animals,
Like a brown monster waiting to eat them.
Oh submarine how I wish to ride you,
Like a brown torpedo speeding through the water.
And when it comes back home,
It always comes home alone.
When I first see my friends on the ship,
They all say, "what a beautiful trip!"

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My Day

by Jacqueline, year 4

I got up because my alarm was so loud that my roof broke. I fell off my bed and got so dizzy I hit the wall. I got dressed so fast my dress ripped. I ordered my lunch and paid so much I forgot to take my change. I got back to class so quickly I made railway tracks. I did work so fast that my paper caught on fire.

Click here to read what The Glebe newspaper said
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The Glebe article on workshops
And here is a photo of the children with their writing workshop certificates:

Here are some comments the children made about the workshops:

  • The thing I most liked about The Writing Workshop: Everything.
  • Listening to other people and their stories and let them listen to mine.
  • I think that the thing I most liked was the poems.
  • The thing I most liked was haiku.
  • Everything.
  • I liked the colours so much.
  • I learned to write list poems.

Bernard at Glebe PS


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