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The Shape Shifter

by Josh, year 6

A red rock man,
Living in a hippie van.

An icy cold dude,
who gets the flu.

He eats chicken wings, is his thing.

Frozen cat, sweaty dog,
Rainbow mat, misty fog.

He cruises around the world,
He and his uncle named Earl,

Mystic Monkey,
Dull Donkey.


by Hafiroh, year 4

I feel dark red like an evil person for breathing fire and breaking into a shop.

I feel blue, nice and calm in the winter.

Red Fire

by Erin, year 4

I feel red hot, like red fire.
I feel like bursting into a dragon and eating someone,
because someone is annoying me, asking me everything about maths. Finally he moved.
I was so relaxed, I fell asleep.
I get into trouble, I am green, I go home.


by Mimi, year 6

Someone's face is turning pink,
Everybody's heart is going to sink.
The teacher's face is red, blue and white,
The person's eye is not right.
The purple person is light as a feather,
All the people are feeling blue like the weather.
The violet bird is red and going to be heard, out loud, right now.
There are red, orange and yellow bells,
The big, black kangaroo is going to sell.

The Tiger

by Jacqueline, year 4

The tiger is fiery red.

He cools down in a tortoise coloured bamboo nest. He rests in pale pink.

He ducks down under the long, tall grass and crawls along. He jumps up on the zebra and tears it up, eats it and splashes the blood everywhere.

He goes back to his nest and rests peacefully. He falls asleep.

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