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The kindergarten group took it in turns to add lines to this story (transcribed by workshop leader). We then read it out and made minor edits.

The Mudhead Story

by Greta, Noa, Penelope, Lyla and Freya, all aged 5

Once upon a time there was a little cockroach and her name was Mudhead. Mudhead liked crawling around in the mud… and eating mud.
One day, Mudhead had a very sad face because she was sad.
Mudhead's best friend was a dog called Lily.
"Are you all right?" Lily asked Mudhead.
"I'm sad because my field is full of dirt and it's not muddy enough," said Mudhead.
Lily gave Mudhead a present.
"What's this?" asked Mudhead.
"It's mud," said Lily.
Mudhead jumped up and shouted "Hip-hip-hooray!"

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