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This is a journey story by Sophie.

1 Star Hotel

by Sophie, aged 8, Annandale North PS

One day I went to 1 Star Hotel, it was on the moon. I went there by rocket, it took 1 and a half hours.

When I first got there, I saw an Alien, he said his name was Zibby. Then he ask me if I was Sophie I said yes. So he said come with me, I didn't know to go or to stay. So I went, then I saw 1 Star Hotel. It looked cool so I went inside I was dreaming so I open and closed my eyes it was still there. So Zibby took me around the Hotel, he showed me every room in the Hotel. All the rooms had giant glitter lamps and they all had star shaped seats and moon shaped mirrors.

So Zibby showed me my room it was nice and cozy. After a day it exploded, but didn't break. Then I thought Mum had said to come back home on Monday. It's Monday, off I go bye.

Zibby at the 1 Star Hotel, by Sophie.

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