Creative writing workshops via the internet

The Writing Workshop runs creative writing activities via the internet for children aged seven to ten years and ten and over. The object of the curriculum is to fire young people's imagination through developing focused creative writing skills and introducing new techniques.

The online workshops takes place in a password-protected blog environment. It comprises a series of exercises to assist with developing setting, character and plot, and to show how closely linked these elements are in writing extended narratives. Your child will receive personal feedback for every piece s/he posts. Each course lasts six months, and participants undertake exercises at their own rate (we recommend one exercise per fortnight). Every completed task receives individual feedback from a published and experienced writer, and we strongly encourage redrafting.

Our evaluation is not given in the form of marks but in suggestions to improve and/ot expand each piece. We ask participants to consider these suggestions and to redraft where they believe they can improve the piece. We want participants to write well, and to write within their own aesthetics and preferred genres rather than externally imposed modes.

Participants in the older group may also respond to each other's work — all comments are moderated.

Although these workshops involve regular writing exercises and mentor feedback, a level of self-motivation is required. The workshop requires internet access from home, some parental supervision (particularly for the younger group) and encouragement.

An image of the older workshop environment follows. Please click here for an enrolment form (PDF, new window) for 10 years and over; click here for 7-10 year-olds.

Screen shot of online workshop


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