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My day in sounds by Year 3

Bibib bibib bibib mhemmm bump bump bump whats for breccy? Weet-bix, porridge, toast with nutella. um weet-bix ererre boom slosh slotsh splash splash thanks mum crunch crunch hallo Siena ah Ziggy beautiful girl! ha ha ha Zigga beauty Zigga beauty pat pat pat Siena come and say good morning to us before you pat Ziggy.

Twee twee twee twee twee yaurn clot clot clot clot ch ch ch ch ch ch shhhhhhhhhhhh clot clot clot clot te te te te te te te clot clot clot muunh muunch muunch glog glog glog ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch vrooooooom vroooooom vrooooom shhhhhhhh ccccccccc clot clot clot hi Ivy bonk bonk bonk bonk dong dong dong bla bla bla bla stomp stomp stomp bla bla bla bla ch ch ch ch ch ch rub rub rub rub rub ch ch ch ch ch bla bla bla bla muunch muunch lets play Piggy in the middle. Okay. Bou bou bou clap ding ding ding ding ding partner. Bla bla bla bla bla clot clot clot were going to mark our homework now bla bla bla bla bla bla ruub ruub ruub . Lunchtime now lets play piggy in the middle. Bou bou bou bou bou bou bou bou dong dong dong bla bla bla bla clot clot clot clot bla bla bla pack pack home time. Good afternoon Miss longmore clot clot clot clot .


get up Pola!
kllk kllk kllk
can I have a shower?
you had a bath last night.
No. I let you sleep in so get ready fast. eat up.
nkoch nkoch nkoch
shshnk figrsh.

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